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Custom cosmetic bag with celebration photos

Soft and wonderful toiletry bags will make you and your girlfriends happy!

Do you know that feeling when you search your backpack up and down and can’t find that darn lipstick?
Cosmetic bag is the best solution for this problem!

Turn on your imagination and use cosmetic pouch not exclusively for cosmetics! Chargers, cash, earphones... You name it!

All bags have an inner lining, zipper and two rings if you decide to make a purse of it!
(Shoulder strap is not included)


VELVET - Soft velour 

LUNA - Textured furniture fabric

100% polyester


S ~ 18 x 14 x 6 cm
S size is a best solution for your small things: lipstick, charger, earphones etc.

M ~ 28 x 18 x 6 cm
If you like to take your makeup wherever you go, M sized Cosmetic bag is the way to go. It will fit all of your necessary cosmetics! Put a strap on it and VOILÀ! you have a neat purse!

L ~ 33 x 23 x 6 cm
Your best friend for travelling that will fit all of your cosmetics and more! Shampoo, shower gel, etc.

- Please double check quality of the picture. 
- Screenshots or photos saved from Facebook are not suitable.
- Minimum file size should be 1 Mb (300 dpi).
Formats: jpg, png, pdf, tif.

Send your pictures to!

Please be noted that you are responsible for legal use of the picture. Make sure that other parties agree for it to be used for production, if it is necessary.