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About us

In a few words, we are manufacturers of fashion accessories and interior details. As well as operators of digital printing on textiles.

A bit longer?

Launched more than 5 years ago, today Pitex team can be proud of hundreds unique products and thousands of meters of printed fabrics. We do a lot. Really, A LOT. From personalized handmade backpacks and shoulder bags to sublimation-printed and sewn curtains and cushions.

We offer not only the final product but printing services on fabrics as well (quick note - we print only on polyester, unfortunately no cotton, silk or else). Therefore, if you already have ideas and we are in one of the implementation steps – contact us! Call, text, write letters, emails or visit us in our studio based in Kaunas. We will help as much as we can.

Creative chaos is in the air all the time but have you ever seen an artist without his own mess. By the way, you can see the results yourself, so don’t doubt us.

Our main advantage is flexibility. Capacities and ambitions are high, therefore we are open to all your ideas. We have collaborated with various brands and made their dreams came true. And believe us, it was not only one or two (or even three) extremely satisfied clients and successful projects. So you can definitely trust us. It’s a promise!

The whole production and ideas generation takes place in Lithuania, Kaunas, Pramonės Avenue, Pitex Workshop.

They trust us and we trust them:,,,,,, and much more. 

Print your dream!